Ikebana ArtistE-mailYourcompanioninJapanEasy Ikebana lessons for children and beginners are now available.Min. number of participants: 2 personsFlower Live Performance for Events.We offer a 15-minute of live performance of large Ikebana arrangement. Available online or in-person.ABOUT USJapanese Flower Arrangement ArtistBorn, in Tokyo, in the linage of Japanese traditional art and culture masters, with the 17th headmaster of the HoshoSchool of Noh dance (her grandfather) and Ikebana artists of the Sogetsu School (her grandmother and mother). Inherited the family tradition of flower arrangement in 2000. Also actively engaged in film, stage, and live floral performances.Graduated from MusashinoArt University, Tokyo, Japan.PRICECONTACT USMsKouenYOKOIMsKoen YokoiJapanese Culture SalonDepends on the event.Ikebana ClassesFloral Decoration ServicesSmall size: JPY30,000 Medium: JPY60,000 Large: JPY100,000*Prices may vary according to materials and quantitiesOnline and In-person / JPY5,000 for Twice a month (flower prices not included)

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