②Half day premium Producer/HostEmailYourcompanioninJapanABOUT USWhy not spend a day in a temple as a dignified place where Japanese culture remains?You can rent out a temple with your family or close friends and have quality photos and videos taken by professionalsWe recommend it mainly for ceremonies such as Shichi-Go-San or weddings, but also for vow renewals or as a luxurious memory of your stay in Japan.We offer a package that includes everything you need, including Buddhist celemony, authentic silk kimonos, Japanese cuisine, and of course, photos and videos for your family to treasure.It will be a day you and your participating family members will remember for a lifetime. PRICE CONTACT US MsRieSASAKAWAA day in a templeA day in a temple①Weekday special(Halfday simple plan)250,000 yen※No album / No meal / No kimono480,000 yen※No meal③One day 1,500,000yen~

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