CONTACTFORMNail Artist CALLIN/ANOGEL ABOUTUSDiscover your beauty through nails. I became a nailistafter my unusual background of a professional dancer and service industry. Will propose the most suitable nails for our customers with my 15 years of experience as a nailist. Providing treatments that our customers to continue to enjoy gelnailswhile minimizing damage to the nails, with the health of customer’s own nails as our top priority. Look forward to meeting you! CONTACTMEYourcompanioninJapanPRICEOur Home Visit Treatments UV Gel with Color Gel(Dry-Preparation/hand treatment/cuticle massage).-One color 12,000yen-Gradation 12,000yen-French 15,000yen-With Design add 800yen for each nail-With stones and studs add 100yen for a stone/stud -Gel Nail change 2,000yen For foot of UV Gel with Color Gel add 3,000yen including foot bath with organic bath salts ☆Traveling fee in Tokyo and Yokohama city2,000yen ☆All color gels (Anogel) we are using are our original with 100% made in Japan☆Free travelling fee for 2 or more people☆Please feel free to contact us with any questions.MsTamikoFUKAI

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