•"Yatsugatake Fukuno Yama" Junmai •Fuji no Sake HiryuNoriunJunmai 【Online Store】 Form HOME PAGEYour companioninJapanSAKE BRANDINGPHOTOAt our shop, we have a large selection of "treasured sake" that has a great presence in various parts of Japan. We strive to build and strengthen trust relationships with sake breweries every day, and regularly hold a "Sake event” introducing the sake of each sake brewery selected by our company in a hybrid format that combines venue holding and online participation. In addition, as an event to bring out the potential power and charm of sake, we have planned a sake and wine drinking comparison event. I would be happy if I could contribute to the expansion of sake fans all over the world in the future.Main recommended Sake(excluding shipping fee)•JakuchuJunmai Daiginjo720ml Taniguchi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.Regular price JPY6,000Ginjo GenshuNama Sake Kimoto Making 720ml JPY7,000Daiginjo900ml (Furoshiki: FujinRaijin) Regular price JPY 27,000ABOUT US PRICECONTACT USR Unicorn International CorporationMr. HIROYUKI TAKAMI

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