Japanese Sake Online ShopYour companion in JapanMt.Fuji Sake BottleFor gifts! To become memories in Japan.This sake comes in a handicraft bottle in the shape of Mt. Fuji, Japan's most famous mountain. Each one was handcrafted by a craftsman. The wooden box is decorated with the calligraphy of a famous calligrapher, and will be wrapped in a furoshiki cloth decorated with Japanese art and sent.Jakuchu Sake in Tango region, Kyoto Deeper, to the real Japan.Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan and a world-renowned tourist spot. In the north mountains of Kyoto Prefecture, there is a real treasured Sake.Jakuchu was awarded the highest prize at Milan Sake Challenge 2022, in Italy.Yatsugatake Fuku no YamaSake from the highlands.Japan has many mountains and pure water. Rice and sake are made there.Yatsugatake is a famous mountain that straddles Yamanashi and Nagano prefecture.Yatsugatake Fuku-no-Yama is produced at its foot using organic farming methods.

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