JapaneseConecti fonary (WAGASHI)IMAGE PHOTOIMAGE PHOTOIMAGE PHOTO湯もちYUMOCHIPrice: JPY280八里HACHIRI MONAKAPrice:JPY290与五郎忍SHINOBUPrice:JPY320wafers. The motif of HACHIRIis a bell that was once attached to horses traveling over the Hakone Mountains to protect them from wild beasts and animals.YUMOCHIis our signature sweets.Shiratamaflour is mixed with meringue the egg whites and chopped Yokan the bean jelly. It is extremely soft and airy texture as it’s melting on your tongue!MONAKAis sweet red bean-paste filled Tsubuanthe roughly pasted sweet red bean is sandwiched bythinly baked skins with white sesame and peanuts kneaded. The savory aroma of the skinsmakethe perfect pairing with the sweetness of Tsubuan. The motif is a handguard of Japanese sword.ComaniontolivinginjapanIMAGE PHOTO

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